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  • People are raging for change on racism after the Charleston incident when a boy walked into a church and murdered a numerous amount of black people in the church.shooting
  • Racism affects social ideals and social reality because if you were a certain color people judge you different then what you are. When you go to a job interview people stereotype you for who you are including race and
  • A lot of people are defending racism especially the ones going through it or families going through it especially incidents where white cops are targeting certain races for being suspect.
  • Racism has America’s full attention it’s everywhere. People look at you and decide if they want to talk to you or not because how you look. People describe people every day as “that thug black guy” “that ghetto black girl” “that crazy white dude” and never even speak to the person. Racism is huge in America.
  • I as an expert don’t think it can be resolved because it is passed down so many different generations now. Also Its being taught in school about the history of racism so kids growing up will always have knowledge about it and when they learn about it for example they’ll go home and ask about it and different race of parents will have their opinion on it and the kid will keep that stereotype with them rather its good or bad and the cycle will keep going in my eyes. It does have room for improvement though because a few changes are happening such as a black president, different races working together and different race marriage.




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